The Talkies

A film podcast with Lucy Smith (writer) and Michael Henry (director). With a new theme each episode, we pick two films to discuss, using them as a lens to take closer looks at our own lives, experiences and creative processes – with boundless trivia, recommendations and tangents in between.

Music composed by Sebastian Moody

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Featured episodes

In our second episode we unpack the key ingredients of a hero, both on and off screen, and talk about the people who’ve had the biggest impact on our lives. 
Films: Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) & Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

In our fourth episode we talk dream logic, childhood nightmares and appreciating films that take risks.
Films: Return To Oz (1985) & Holy Motors (2012)

Old Age
How would we like to be in our later years?  In our sixth episode we explore how films portray the elderly and discuss whether there is a good or bad way to grow old.
Films: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (2013) & The Old Man and the Gun (2018)

Are we obsessed? In our seventh episode we explore obsessive characters in film and talk about how passion has affected our own lives, for better or worse. 
Films: The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) & High Fidelity (2000)

What can documentaries achieve that fiction can’t? This week we discuss the art of shaping real life into narrative and what makes this film genre unique.
Films: The Act of Killing (2012) & Honeyland (2019)

What makes a good teacher? And what’s the best way to learn? This week we discuss two films that explore student/mentor roles and talk about our favourite past teachers, cults, and everything in between.
Films: Dead Poets Society (1989) & Holy Smoke (1999)

What are the ingredients of a good friendship? Can friends become family, or vice versa? This week we discuss two films which explore how we forge meaningful connections with others.
Films: 20th Century Women (2016) & The Station Agent (2003)

Is great cinematography when shots stand out or should it be functional and not distract from story? Can you tell when a film’s shot by the same person? And why does Mike hate handheld so much?
Films: The Assassination of Jesse James (2007) & American Honey (2016)

What makes a film truly terrifying? Is there any merit to jump-scares? We discuss the many types of horror and relive childhood traumas…
Films: The Others (2001) & Dracula: Dead and Loving It (1995)

What is good dialogue? Can a talented actor turn a bad line good? Could dialogue in some ways be the enemy of cinema? We pick apart subtext and winning lines and examine our own lives to ask whether we always say what we really mean.
Films: Little Miss Sunshine (2006) & Fargo (1996)